Gazelle 2014 winner

Gazelle 2014 winner

Nordija is one of the proud winners of the prestigeous Gazelle 2014 award for sustained growth over the past four years.

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Multiscreen experience

Multiscreen experience

Get EPG on your iPhone, watch TV on your iPad, change channel with your Android phone, tune in and watch TV on your PC and schedule recordings on the move.

Cloud based solution

Cloud based solution

fokusOn is offered as a hosted solution either with Nordija directly or through partners with localized options and add-ons.

No one-size fits all!

Nordija develops and markets the fokusOn platform, a flexible Widget-based middleware that helps telcos, cable TV operators and Internet service providers deliver a rich, interactive and user-friendly television and video-on-demand experience.

fokusOn at a glance:
• Widget-based TV Middleware
• User experience built on HTML5
• Operator-hosted or Cloud-based
• Multiscreen support
• 2nd screen interaction
• IPTV & OTT in one platform
• Open API library for 3rd party apps 




Service Provider

Need to provide triple play? Get fokusOn and offer multiscreen ITV with widget services to enhance the user experience.

Hospitality TV

Looking for a ITV platform in the Cloud? Get fokusOn and offer tailored TV and on-demand services to guests, clients or staff.

Cloud HbbTV

Considering HbbTV? Use the cloud based fokusOn HbbTV solution to dramatically shorten your time to market.

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