We connect your video content with users around the world. On any device. And exactly the way you want it.

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Without the limits

It feels good to be free. And to make your own decisions. We believe that delivering your IPTV and OTT content with a rich end user experience requires flexibility.

Almost twenty years of experience have assured us that freedom of choice and the ability to change as you go is what you need.

Our solution

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An open approach

We believe that one-size fits no one. We believe in personalization. As a result, our software solution is a completely open platform. 

We call it fokusOn. And we work with you and our partners to unleash its full potential. No matter what you need. And when you need it.

The Nordija Way

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Delivering IPTV with an edge

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Tailored experiences

Our solution is widget-based and built on HTML5. This gives you full control and the freedom to customize the end user interface.

In short, we give you the ability to own the point of contact between your brand and the consumer. And deliver a relevant and tailored experience.

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A full set of tools

We believe that everything is possible. And we are never afraid to cover new ground with you. As long as it adds value to the project. And to your business. 

We offer you our experience and a full set of functionalities and tools to identify the right ideas. And we look forward to realizing as many as possible with you.

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