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Nordija A/S creates the fokusOn platform. With more than 500.000 viewers, Nordija is a leading provider of sophisticated interactive TV applications coming out of Scandinavia.

Nordija has a strong background in developing and integrating business critical systems and is one of the key companies of IPTV enablers in Europe. Nordija designed and built the first IPTV solution in Denmark in 2001 and did the first video-on-demand and network PVR service in Scandinavia in 2002.

Nordija is a private Danish software company providing innovative digital media software solutions to the world's leading organizations. Our mission is to constantly improve and refine a different kind of Software Company, where innovation is highly valued, customer communication is key and solutions are done with simplicity.

Nordija A/S is a privately held company with headquarters in Copenhagen - Denmark, and has worldwide sales and marketing operations through business partners in the European, Middle East and US markets.

Main focus is to produce and deliver software products in the area of video distribution and interactive video services for service and content providers.

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