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Some of our customers like to have full control. And build their TV user experience on their own. Others prefer to use us as their trusted advisor and let us develop the TV user experience with them. Either way. You choose.

It doesn’t matter who you are. Or what you do. Whether you are a CTO at a telco or a marketing manager at a broadcasting company. We stand by you. Always.

Telco and broadband

If you work with telco or broadband you understand the importance of being able to evolve your product portfolio. And doing so in an efficient and agile way that will drive innovation and competitiveness while maintaining a low overhead.

It is not easy. But it can be done. The flexible and open architecture of fokusOn makes you able to deploy new and compelling IPTV services and UX over time. And grow your business by creating happy and loyal subscribers. 

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As a broadcaster you can use fokusOn to deliver HbbTV services. This means you can lead viewers into your very own content universe. And establish a one-to-one dialogue with the viewers, which was previously not possible.

With HbbTV you can add on-demand content and other value-added services on top of your own channels without the need of a set-top box, making it directly available from the connected TV.

The Danish Public Broadcasting Company (DR) uses fokusOn to deliver HbbTV and facilitate interactive digital television services such as catch-up TV, VOD, pay-per-view and streaming.

Cable TV

If you are in the business of cable TV, you know how important it is to stay on your toes. FokusOn will help you do just that.

Our solution makes way for interactive DVB-IP and QAM-IP hybrid services on existing coax infrastructure. Converting a coax network to DOCSIS can be cost prohibitive and by implementing a DVB/QAM-IP hybrid strategy the coax network is kept as is and a secondary network is used for the IP connectivity.

A hybrid STB is deployed at your premises and fokusOn manages the overall service delivery of live cable TV channels, EPG, VOD shops, pay-per-view, Pause-Live, Start-Over, Whole-Home Experience and Catch-Up TV menus. 

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OTT Content

We embrace the fact that streaming video services on the internet is as relevant now as ever. We do this by offering a solution designed to manage the delivery of TV and video services to any internet-based device with a built-in web browser. 

All business logic, workflow automation, metadata content and device management is handled in the system. And we have open APIs to a broad range of third-party eco-system partners offering video encoders, transcoders, video servers and conditional access systems.

In addition to being able to deliver services to smartphones and tablets, we also have integrations with the leading retail streaming boxes, game consoles and web browsers on PCs and laptops.

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