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Partnerships are important. And an absolute necessity for us in order to deliver our high level of quality across international markets and country borders.

We aim to give all of our partners a competitive edge in the IPTV, cable TV, broadcasting and OTT markets. And we aspire to provide our partners with a solution that allows you to grow your business as much as possible.

Business partners

Because no two companies are alike, we have developed a three-tiered approach with different categories of business partners. We hope you will take the time to study our program and the three partner levels to find the one that best matches your requirements and needs.

Our Nordija Business Partner Program operates with three tiers. The scope and size of your organization, the experience, skills and knowledge of your team will determine which of the three tiers is the most relevant for you as a Nordija Business Partner.

Tier 1
Nordija Referral Business Partner: A Referral Business Partner will bring business opportunities to Nordija and draws entirely upon Nordija resources for pre-sales and post-sales support.

Tier 2
Nordija Premium Partner: A Systems Integration Partner having strong and relevant engineering resources and support capabilities, with a local market presence and regional scope and experiencing growth and strong potential. 

Tier 3
Nordija Elite Partner: An international or global Systems Integration Partner with the scope and organization to provide larger systems integration projects, providing pre-sales and post-sales support using its own organization.

Feel free to contact us for further information. Or if you have already decided to become a Nordija Business Partner.


Our Nordija Business Partner Program helps you navigate the increasingly complex world of selling and delivering integrated solutions to our customers. And help you integrate your existing eco-system platforms with our fokusOn solution.

We have put together a partner program with a training and certification program that will make your technical team ready to provide value to our customers.

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System integrators

Ecosystem partners

One of the strongest benefits of choosing to work with us is the openness and flexibility our customers have when investing in head-end and set-top box equipment.

Our open architecture and the pre-integration of third-party eco-system partners’ set-top boxes, content delivery networks, video servers, encoders, transcoders and conditional access systems provide our customers with valuable freedom of choice. 

Especially when it comes to selecting solutions that are interoperable and compliant with the technical requirements and the business goals.

Set-top box partners

CDN and video server partners

CA/DRM partners

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Application partners

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