A box of tricks

The challenge
The Danish service provider Waoo! was looking for a competitive edge in the IPTV market. Instead of adjusting prices or going on a marketing spree, they went all in. And chose us to come along for the ride.

Today we have worked with Waoo! for a series of years to establish and strengthen their IPTV offering. We have done so by building a flexible and scalable IPTV software platform. Based on our solution fokusOn.

One of the main challenges for Waoo! is constantly adapting to a fast moving market. And being able to offer users relevant services and features - and ultimately generate loyal subscribers. FokusOn has made this possible.


The solution
Today Waoo! has a realiable and proven software platform that can grow along with their users - and their business. Waoo! is able to build new features and adjust along the way without having to start over. Or reinvest heavily.

As an example Waoo! wanted to offer Netflix as a part of their STB offering. In October 2013, Waoo! launched the Netflix service as an app on its set-top boxes. We integrated and implemented the service.

About Waoo!
Waoo! was founded in 2010 and is owned by a conglomerate of 11 Danish regional utility companies each owning their own FTTH network to which Waoo! is catering their triple play products.


Hard work. Forward thinking. And the will to cover new ground. Our work with the Danish service provider Waoo! has it all.

Over the years we have helped Waoo! face tough competition in the IPTV market by developing compelling features for the users. One of them is Netflix as an app on Waoo! set-top boxes.

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Ahead of the game

The challenge
The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) produces and delivers public service content to the Danes. This also means that DR has an obligation to deliver relevant content on all relevant devices.

Being the producer of everything from breaking news to children’s TV and award-winning series and documentaries, DR owns what may be characterized as outstanding content. What they were looking for was a reliable partner and software platform to make the content easy to access.

The solution
For DR the spotlight landed on fokusOn. Today, our solution makes DR able to offer their unique television content over the internet. Which means users also can access DR’s content on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and on SmartTVs with HbbTV.

DR started testing HbbTV in 2010, with our fokusOn platform as backend and a HTML5 frontend. Tests progressed and in June 2014, DR officially launched the HbbTV service to the Danish market. A service that we have developed and host for DR.

In March 2015, we won the EU tender from DR on HbbTV and Playstation 3/4 TV services, extending our contract period to 2019.

About DR
The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) is the national public service broadcaster in Denmark. DR produces and broadcasts content such as news, documentaries and movies to all the Danes through TV, radio, internet and mobile devices.



Allow us to put it short. Broadcasting is about being able to deliver the right content. The right way.

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) has the right content. And lots of it. What they needed was to get ahead on distribution. And this is where we entered the game.

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Time to change

The challenge
A few years ago, m:tel decided to expand their product portfolio and improve the IPTV services already offered as the part of their business. An initiative that makes sense if you are in the telco industry and would like to strengthen your position in the market.

One of the major challenges in this case was to develop and implement an IPTV solution that would work on all of the customers’ existing hardware. In this case, what may be considered everything from
aging and slow set-top boxes with limited resources to the latest and fast models.

Another great challenge was time. Having first ventured into IPTV with another vendor, m:tel was looking for answers when they were first approached by our ecosystem partner Divitel and local integrator Telegroup.

The solution
After a visit to our headquarters, m:tel chose us to make their IPTV project work. We carried out a successful proof-of-concept on one of the old set-top boxes and quickly got underway with the solution.

Today, m:tel uses fokusOn and the backend that comes with it. To support the various models of set-top boxes from several different suppliers in the eco system, m:tel offers IPTV with two different frontends. One for old set-top boxes. And one for the new. 

About m:tel
M:tel is one of three national telecom operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mtel JSC Banjaluka offers unique communication solutions unified under the m:tel corporative brand.


Every now and then change is what you need. Because it is best for your business. However, when you are dealing with technology this is often easier said than done. Unless you do it right.

The telecommunications company m:tel wanted to improve the IPTV services available within their broadband offering. And they wanted to do so without needing to ship new set-top boxes to customers.
fokusOn did the trick.

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