Choose what you need

Besides fokusOn we offer you a series of services. Because we understand, that sometimes you need specific assistance. Instead of an end-to-end solution. 

Pick and choose as you please. And let us know if you have any questions.

Widget development

We have developed a series of core widgets, which are available on the fokusOn platform. These widgets form the user interface and experience for advanced TV/Video access. If you need other widgets, you can develop them with our help. These widgets could include:

  • Selfcare menus
  • Social media integation
  • Multiscreen and set-top box interaction
  • Usage statistics collection, aggregation and storage
  • Recommendation engine integration
  • Bandwidth monitoring and management per household
  • Promotions and banner ad insertion

UI skinning

The user interface of your solution is built with a skinning technique. The skinning is done using images, HTML5 and CSS.

Our team of interface designers can develop the skins you need. Every one of your widgets can contain multiple skins, in both standard definition and high definition. 

System integration

Our solution, fokusOn is built to be integrated with your backend systems. Be it your operational support systems or other business support systems.

We offer to carry out integration with any billing system, CRM system and EPG/VOD meta data feed required to get your operation fully automated.

Migration assistance

We have expertise in migrating existing middleware infrastructure, whether it is based on an in-house system or delivered by another vendor.

We analyze, plan and execute the migration process. Using fokusOn capabilities, we can include various looks in the same setup and help you migrate without major changes in the user interface. This allows your end users to slowly adjust to new features and options.


We offer you training in using the flexibility of our platform. This includes courses in developing and skinning your own services and widgets.

All of our training sessions are by request and carried out in a workshop format to make sure you get involved and we meet your exact needs.

We offer the following training workshops:

  • Administration and operations
  • Installation and configuration
  • Widget development and UI skinning