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At Nordija, we create a software solution called fokusOn that connects your IPTV and OTT content with end users all over the world. We make it possible for your content to reach the right users. The right way. On any device.

FokusOn offers you a flexible, scalable and open solution, which gives you full control and the ability to tailor your video distribution and end user experience.

Based on widgets

In its essence, a widget is an app that brings a specific feature or functionality to the user interface you see on of your screen. The entire user interface of fokusOn is built on widgets and HTML5. This gives you great flexibility and enables you to have full control over your TV service.

Widgets are self-contained Javascript application modules. This means their deployment and configuration can be fully controlled via a web based administration console. 

The administration console includes all the necessary insights and tools for managing subscribers, subscriptions, channels, channel bundles, products, devices, metadata, billing records, statistics and other relevant data helping you to monetize your content, increase ARPU and run your business efficiently. 

Widget Development Kit
Our fokusOn solution comes with a developer’s kit which allows you or a third-party vendor to create tailor-made widgets and user experiences for your TV and video service.

The Javascript logic uses the fokusOn Widget API to conform to many set-top boxes, allowing you to employ a multi-vendor strategy so you will not get locked to one specific vendor.



Our solution is based entirely on the concept of widgets. We use the widgets as fundamental building blocks to give you a full range of features and functionality. Without compromising the performance.

You can start with our basic set of fokusOn widgets and grow from there. Or go right ahead and make your own using our SDK, called the Widget Development Kit, and our API documentation. 

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Built on HTML5

With fokusOn we offer you a solution based entirely on widgets and HTML5. We do this because HTML5 is an optimal markup language for administering rich, dynamic and interactive user experiences. Across all platforms.

Client-side widget engine
When the customer starts up the set-top box, the services and the API loads initially. Once that part is done, the widgets for this customer are fetched and started up so they are ready to run.

The widget engine runs inside any HTML5 browser and we have verified Mozilla / Firefox, Opera and Webkit with graceful degradation. The engine and the UI widgets are done in HTML5 + JavaScript with extreme use of Ajax and asynchronous http/https calls which makes the TV portal more responsive.



With fokusOn you get a TV user interface that is built entirely on widgets in HTML5. The rich and flexible markup language makes almost everything possible when it comes to skinning and tailoring your UI to meet your needs. And the needs of your end users.

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Hosting as you please

Our solution, fokusOn can be deployed as an operator-hosted platform or as a cloud-based service. You can even white-label the solution and offer managed wholesale services to OTT content providers, hospitality and enterprise customers.

You can use fokusOn as a complete IPTV and OTT service delivery platform fully based on web technology and internet protocols. And manage the solution via a web based administration console. 

Our solution has flexible hardware requirements, supporting growth from one stand-alone server to a cluster of servers or in the cloud. The server technology used to run fokusOn is off-the-shelf hardware and the operating systems and databases are well-known industry standards.

fokusOn incorporates a flexible toolset for various business models. It supports various deployment modes and provides an extensible array of pre-integrations with third-party head-end equipment and OSS/BSS solutions.



Choose exactly how you want to host your solution. Have us do it. Host it in the cloud. Host it yourself or use one of our many partners across the world. 

We have a series of business and ecosystem partners, who are able to offer you localized options or add-ons.

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Multiscreen support

Multiscreen support ensures that all our services are available on any device. Our fokusOn second-screen companion apps complete the user experience. 

We have extended fokusOn to include support for many different devices such as smartphones, tablets and browsers on laptops and computers.

An enhancement of our device API allows devices to be integrated by third-party vendors, providing EPG, remote scheduling of recordings, notifications on upcoming events and support for streaming services.

With this API, our fokusOn middleware can be asked to deliver access to streams that are supported by the device. 

This enables the viewer to use their iPad to navigate the EPG, choose a film or program and then swipe to push it to the bigger TV screen. Or simply continue watching it on the iPad.

The multiscreen feature is an add-on to fokusOn. It gives you the possibility to bring convenience and a personalized touch to the TV user experience.

In addition to delivering your services on set-top boxes you can add WebTV, iOS devices, Android devices, game consoles and the very latest OTT streaming devices.



Our solution provides multiscreen support which makes all of our services available on any device: Set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, computers, game consoles, HbbTV and TV sets. 

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Second screen interaction

Our solution, fokusOn provides support for second screen interaction.

This means users can pull content from a large screen to their mobile device, swipe content back and forth between the two and resume video streaming automatically from where you left off.

This feature gives the user a real sense of cross platform engagement, and encourages users to interact between devices, with the same content.

fokusOn uses the XMPP protocol and a number of other dynamic features such as bandwidth management, stream control, contextual settings and more.


Use your smartphone or other mobile devices as a remote control. Get program guides on your tablet. Change channels with your iPhone or Android phone. And discover content and schedule recordings as you go.

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100% open

Not only is fokusOn based on industry standards, internet and web technologies, but our API is also open so you can integrate your existing apps.

fokusOn is also open when it comes to integrating third-party hardware, such as set-top box devices and head-end equipment. And we will be happy to provide you with a full listing of supported hardware products.

Bringing in services from external sources is important if you want to add localized services. This could be news from a local news agency through RSS feeds or perhaps a picture gallery from the local sports club. 

Not all services will come from your middleware backend in the future. Some might be internet sources such as mail and web services. Others may come from your utility company providing you with information on your current electricity consumption, CO2 emissions and invoicing.

To put it short. Our solution makes it possible for you to bring in and present various types of content. Ultimately allowing you to strengthen and enhance user experience.



We believe in open standards and in an open approach. This is why our fokusOn API is completely open and we offer you a Widget Development Kit (WDK) along with all the documentation you need. 

Our solution gives you a series of flexible tools to suit your exact business model or deployment mode. It provides you with an array of pre-integrations with third party head-end equipment and OSS/BSS solutions.

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Whole-home experience

Our Whole-Home Experience allows your subscribers to schedule new recordings and watch recorded programs stored on the PVR set-top box from any other set-top box in the home. This provides the user with a seamless access to their TV and video recordings.

When a set-top box registered to a specific subscriber can access all other recordings and scheduled recordings stored on one or more host set-top boxes, it allows for all of the normal factors in a recording scenario. 


Such as scheduling, availability, quota calculation (is there enough storage for the recording), concurrency (how many recordings can be made at the same time), recording conflicts, series recordings (making recording plans for a certain TV series), priority of recording plans and much more.

With Network PVR or cloud based PVR, the ability to schedule recordings and display a list of recordings and scheduled recordings is possible. Including presentation of metadata (detailed information about the program). All of which is simultaneously available on all the set-top boxes and mobile devices in the household.



With our solution your end users are able to watch programs and schedule recordings across their set-top boxes and mobile devices. This makes for a Whole-Home Experience. Convenient and desired in any modern household.

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