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We are Nordija.

We are a forcefull software company from Denmark. Founded in 1998 and launching one of the first internet carried TV solutions in Europe in 2003, we have been a part of the transformation of TV and on demand content consumption from the beginning. 

New service. Introducing the Nordija Developer Programme.

The Nordija Developer Programme is a license-based service and add-on to our platform fokusOn. With the programme you get access to the frontend source code, the widget development kit and our supported build and deployment tools. This way you can modify, maintain and update your IPTV and OTT solution easier - and on your own time.

New Feature. Search across TV, VOD, and OTT

Help your viewers find desired content faster by searching across TV, VOD, and OTT.

New Apple TV Solution. Operator branded.

Got a question? We are just a phone call away.

Jeroen van Vliet


+31 6 27 30 05 95

Peter Røder Kristensen

VP, Product Management

+45 40 16 74 56

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