We are Nordija

If you ask us who we are. Our answer is simple. We are Nordija. A group of passionate people who develop software that will help you grow your business.

Thomas Christensen

Thomas has been with Nordija from the very beginning in 1998, and Thomas ́s strong belief in innovative solutions has helped bring Nordija to where it is today. Thomas Christensen has been involved in developing interactive TV since 2001. 


Bille Madsen

Bille initiated Nordija’s IPTV development in 2001 and has been the driver behind the business unit for interactive TV at Nordija. Bille is today the Chief Operating Officer and is managing the operations and delivery projects at Nordija.


Lars Vange Jørgensen

Lars is responsible for overseeing the technological development, strategies and directions of Nordija. His day-to-day tasks include working closely with developers and providing insights and expertise in product innovations, software development and engineering culture.

+45 20 64 64 77

Jeroen van Vliet

Jeroen is our CCO and responsible for all commercial activities in Nordija and can many times be found somewhere around the world. His main talent, besides drinking wine, is listening to the customer and market requirements and translating them back to the product team.


+31 6 27 30 05 95

Nicolai Munk Plum

Nicolai manages Nordija’s finances. He holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Copenhagen and has served in various IT companies for more than 15 years. Nicolai has been with Nordija for the past seven years.


Michael Reib
Chief Solution Architect Officer

As a solution architect in Nordija, Michael is dedicated to our customers' needs in order to get the most value out of the fokusOn platform.
Helping bridging the gap between business and technology solutions and navigating with excellence between the best tech solution among all possible to solve business problems.

Peter Røder Kristensen
VP, Product Management

Peter joined the Nordija team in 2014 as VP of Product Management. Peter has extensive experience with product management and product development of IP and Internet based products since 1997.


+45 40 16 74 56

Lorena Zapata
Sales Director LATAM

Lorena is our LATAM Sales Director who manages future clients in the region. Lorena has over 15 years experience in Sales and Marketing in the USA and LATAM. Her passion for sales and traveling is what best describes her personality.


+57 317 879-2475

Jeppe Schäfer
Presales Systems Engineer

Jeppe is our presales engineer and plays a major role in our demo and training offering for new and existing customers. Jeppe has an extensive background in large scale fibre optical network operations focusing on TV delivery.


Nikola Contosova
Marketing Manager & Sales Coordinator

Nikola joined Nordija in 2017 as a graduate with PBA degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Today is Nikola in charge of Nordija´s marketing activities, social media, and company's participation at tradeshows and conferences.


+45 93 90 70 87

Henrik Emborg
Senior Project Manager

Henrik is a Senior Project Manager and has the responsibility of managing the implementation of our products at our customers.
Henrik has 20 years of experience as a leader and as a project manager for Broadband and TV products in the Telco industry.

Christian Bryske Larsen
Project Manager

Christian is a Project Manager and has the responsibility of managing projects for rolling out our products for our customers.
Christian has more than 15 years of experience in the IT business as a leader and as a project manager for Nokia, Saxo Bank, and Netcompany.

Mads Vium Asbjørn
VP, Mobile Devices

Mads is responsible for the app platforms and development, primarily Android and iOS. Mads has more than ten years of experience in the IT industry and has been involved in large software projects in the domains of mobile banking, complex multimedia apps and subscription based internet services.

Tue Malthesen
Systems Developer

Tue is a key contributor to Nordija's software development. Tue is focusing mainly on frontend and apps development and plays an important role in Nordija's training when it comes to Nordija's widget concept and widget development. 

Kristian Sørensen
Systems Engineer

Kristian has an extensive knowledge of the backend of Nordijas solution and plays a key role in Nordija's training offerings when it comes to implementation and day to day operation of the system.

Lars Nørregaard
Systems Architect

Lars is responsible for several parts of the backend of Nordijas solution. Lars has an extensive knowledge within the TV and Video domain and plays an important role in the overall architectural planning and enhancement of Nordija's product.

Dan Mihai Bilde
Systems Developer

Dan has been with Nordija for two years and holds a Bachelor degree in web development. Dan is working mainly with Front End/UX as well on the STB side as on the Multiscreen side.

Martyną Gajaszek-Hansen
Systems Developer

“Great is not enough, but it’s a good beginning”. Tina loves picking up new features and pushing them into production. Tina brings data to life and takes care of front-end development.

Thomas Bonnesen
Release Manager

Thomas manages all releases of the Nordija software for internal and external use. Thomas holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Copenhagen Business School and has more than 20 years of work experience within the domain.

Michael Norlin
Team lead support

Michael has 20+ years of experience with support and operations and is heading up our support offerings as well as participating in large scale implementation task forces. Michael joined Nordija in the summer of 2019.

Alan Jiménez
IT Supporter

Alan is handling the Nordija support helpdesk and has been main entry into Nordija support for the last five years. Alan holds an engineering degree from DTU Technical University of Denmark.

Bram van der Giessen
Frontend Developer

Bram is a front-end developer from Netherlands. With a Bachelor degree in IT from the Rotterdam university of Applied Sciences Bram's passion is not only to write maintainable, high-quality code but also to create software that people love to use.

Anders Rossau
Communications Officer

Anders is the Communication Officer at Nordija. Anders handles Marketing tasks and execution of Nordijas’ tradeshow activities.


+45 50 50 68 51

Janus Åhlander Olsen
UX Designer

Janus has recently joined Nordija with 10+ experience in UX design, Software development and Java based apps. 

''I care about designing a simple and easy-to-use interface, that is intuitive for the user.'' Janus is passionate about bringing design and development closer together and creating design that looks good and modern.

Anjello Sampath Wimalachandra
Android Developer

Anjello has worked as an Android and Java developer in a wide range of projects for about 10 years. Now focusing on Android, iOS and Web development of the Nordija apps.

Dorinel Panaite
Student Developer

Dorinel is currently a MSc computer science student at KU. He joined Nordija in 2019 as a student developer and will be solving various tasks on both frontend and backend. 

Nicolas Fulton Dipo
Backend Developer

Nicolas has been working with software development and architecture for more than 10 years. He is passionate about creating highly available quality software which makes a difference for end-users and customers.

Filip Jensen
Systems Engineer

Filip joined Nordija in 2020 with a Master's degree in Information Technology from the Danish Technical University. His primary task will be to work on internal services and operations and in the future on a cloud-based solution and Nordija´s HW solutions.

Michelle Nielsen
Junior Data Scientist

Michelle is our Junior Data Scientist working with movie recommendations. She joined Nordija in 2018 as a student assistant while she was taking her Master’s: Mathematical Modelling and Computation at the Technical University of Denmark.

Emanuel Eiderbrandt
Software developer

Emanuel is a seasoned software developer and has been working within the software for TV domain for more than ten years. Emanuel has been with Nordija for the last five years.

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Nordija is founded upon the idea of openness in technology as well as our way of work, and that great solutions come from great collaboration.

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