Amino and Nordija move between Android and Linux.

Sep 16, 2017

Amino and Nordija move between Android and Linux

Amino and Nordija are to showcase a new dual mode platform that enables operators to seamlessly move between Android and Linux-based TV delivery.

It’s designed to provide a consistent state-of-the-art user experience.

Nordija’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jeroen van Vliet, comments: “Together, Nordija and Amino can now offer operators the flexibility of a platform that switches seamlessly between Linux and Android TV environments. As service providers seek to meet the demands of today’s modern, digitally-savvy consumers for the versatility to use different devices in the two modes in a cost effective way.”

Aminio’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Evensen, adds: “Operators are looking for additional flexibility in their TV delivery – particularly as they migrate to an all IP/cloud future. Both Nordija and ourselves see Android TV as a competitive and compelling option for operators with numerous benefits in terms of speed to market, compelling content and a great user experience.”

The Amino/Nordija solution provides the option to move between both modes even when devices have been deployed in the field via a remote software update. It can also eliminate costly investment in hardware and user interface development.

Both companies have been early adopters of Google’s Operator Tier certification programme which was introduced in 2016 and provides full access to Google Play Store with its wide range of live channels, SVOD content, and a range of popular apps including YouTube.

The solution will be demonstrated on both the Amino and Nordija stands.

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