Vodafone Iceland picks Nordija. 

Nordija picked to deliver IPTV and OTT platform.

Feb 1, 2017

Nordija picked to deliver IPTV & OTT platform for Vodafone Iceland

Personalised IPTV & OTT based TV services are in demand by consumers all over the world. And in the race for providing user-oriented, intelligent and intuitive TV that meets the expectations and trends of today’s TV & Video consumption, Vodafone Iceland has placed an order on Nordijas software solution fokusOn to make it so.

“We have high ambitions of providing a leading user experience to our TV customers. After a thorough evaluation process, in tough competition with other leading middleware vendors, we have chosen Nordija as the right partner to help us deliver that vision“, says Mr. Stefan Sigurðsson CEO of Vodafone Iceland. “The Nordija middleware gives Vodafone a very good foundation for developing our next generation TV experience. It enables us to introduce new and exciting services to our customers, not only for the big screens but also on mobiles and other connected devices.

Flexible and future-proof software is considered key to a successful IPTV & OTT platform at the Danish software company. And according to CEO at Nordija Thomas Christensen this provides broadcasting companies with the necessary tools to customise today and the freedom to modify and adapt over time as user-behaviour changes and new technologies arise:

“TV wherever, whenever and on any device calls for software that is flexible, compatible and adaptable. Flexible to face specific needs of the client and the client’s audience, compatible with multiple devices and operating systems, and adaptable hence facing a market that is ever changing”, says CEO Thomas Christensen”.

The collaboration is another major step for the Danish IPTV pioneers at Nordija already collaborating with Vodafone Netherlands.

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