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Sep 20, 2017

Nordija presenting launcher for Android TV Operator Tier Program

Nordija has released a launcher that allows Pay TV operators to deliver a customised Android TV user experience as a part of the Android TV Operator Tier Program. The platform was demonstrated at IBC, September 2017, and according to the company, the solution is ready for market.



Pay TV operators can now keep their own “look and feel” on Android TV devices, while combining their Linear TV with full access to third party apps, games and services such as Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Music via the Google Play Store.

The Android TV Operator Tier Program has enabled companies, like the middleware developers at Nordija, to combine the familiar features and functionalities of Android TV with a customised user experience:

“By replacing the Android TV launcher with your own custom launcher, the Pay TV operator can manage the experience of their specific Android TV solution. This provides more flexibility in placement and management of content, and the user experience as a whole”, says Nordija VP of Product Management Peter Røder Kristensen. “The result is a combination of more customisation, consistent interfaces across legacy devices and AndroidTM devices, recommendation-enabled experiences and a sharpened focus on content discovery and user trends”.

At IBC 2017 Nordija demonstrated their take on how a customised launcher for Android TV boxes can look and feel.

“We had a successful launch at IBC, and we see this addition to our existing middleware platform as a great opportunity for the operators to build bridge between their existing Live TV and Video-on-Demand services and the OTT apps that consumers are using on their multiscreen devices. In other words, the operator can stay on HDMI 1 and stay relevant with a one-for-all platform for the big screen”, says Thomas Christensen, CEO at Nordija.

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