The end of TV as we know it?

Nordija CEO Thomas Christensen presenting at BVE 2018.

Feb 1, 2018

BVE 2018, Presentation: "The end of TV as we know it?"

Presenter: Thomas Christensen, CEO Nordija

Time: 15:30

Date: 28.2.2018


Most people will agree that the way we watch content is in a disruptive evolution. The amount of content available in both live and on demand is unprecedented. This seminar by Thomas Christensen, Nordija CEO, dives into the challenges and potentials of a highly saturated market, and an ongoing transformation of segmented consumer trends. It will present tools and strategies for optimizing the user experience, making it discoverable, personalized and sticky, while asking - what is the way forward? And what does it take to stay relevant?


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