How do we build a compelling user experience?

Panel debate at BVE 2018.

Jan 17, 2018

Panel Debate: How do we build a compelling user experience? 

Tuesday 27 February 2018 – 11.30-12.00

BVE, CME Theatre

Participant from Nordija: Thomas Christensen, CEO

Key topics: Content discovery, recommendation, hyper-personalisation, and UX/EPG design.

With the rise of VoD and the Internet breaking down distribution boundaries, there has never been more content available across both pay and free-to- air TV. With new cultural trends such as binge viewing sitting alongside more diverse forms of interactive entertainment, TV operators are looking at ways to make services more engaging. This driver is becoming more critical as content sources overlap and exclusivity agreement become more difficult to sign. In this Connected Media Europe Panel, we bring together experts to examine content discovery, recommendation, and personalisation trends.

We ask challenging questions around the readiness of key technologies and standards and try to provide insights into where the user experience is heading and how operators can succeed in building differentiated and compelling platforms that truly engage viewers.

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