Nordija partners with Swisscom Broadcast in brand new TVaaS 2.0 platform.


Jun 6, 2018

The Danish software company Nordija has developed the technology behind the new TV-as-a-Service platform ‘TVaaS 2.0’ by Swisscom Broadcast, a company within the Swisscom Group. The solution will provide Cable Networks and Internet Service Providers a complete and flexible service platform for delivering customized TV experiences and will be launched at ANGA COM 2018 in Cologne later this month. 

The industry of TV has never been more turbulent than now. Big technology changes and massive landslides in how content is produced, delivered and consumed creates a market that requires operators to run a platform that is capable of keeping up with the changes, and that has the right scale to stand its ground. With this partnership, Swisscom Broadcast and Nordija have succeeded in developing a solution that combines the power and scale of the Swisscom back-end with the flexibility of the Nordija software solution.


“As Swisscom Broadcast we are proud that we can now offer our services to Cable Operators and ISP's that want to have no worries about technology, but want to stay ahead in features for their customers. With the TVaaS 2.0 launch Swisscom Broadcast will be equipped to handle current and on-going transformations of the industry, and meet the rapidly changing requirements”, says Olivier Anthamatten, Head of Business Development, Swisscom Broadcast.

One of the ways in which the service will achieve this is using an open technology provided by the Nordija software platform fokusOn:

"I believe Swisscom Broadcast has made the right move to accelerate their TV-as-a-Service offering. Combining their powerful Swisscom back-end with the flexibility of the Nordija front-end has created the ultimate combination of stability and versatility. The openness of this solution based on HTML-5 gives the customer the necessary tools to stay relevant and to keep developing”, says CCO at Nordija Jeroen van Vliet.

The TVaaS 2.0 is an end-to-end solution from TV signal delivery, HTML-5 User interfaces, cloud nPVR to delivery to all major devices - including hybrid set-top boxes. The customer can choose over 600 national and international channels, and will have direct access to an unprecedented cloud storage including an advanced Replay store with more than 100.000 assets.

Other options such as the Content Discovery engine ‘WhatsOn’ gives the platform a high-end user experience tailored to easiness of use. 

About Swisscom Broadcast Ltd

Swisscom Broadcast is a member of the Swisscom Group and has decades of experience in its field. This Swiss company builds, operates and services customer-specific broadcasting networks, specifically radio and TV broadcasting networks as well as safety and public service band radio networks for the police and other emergency service organisations. Swisscom Broadcast also provides video-related services: platform services for operating IPTV and Web TV as well as demanding video security solutions.

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About Nordija

Nordija develops and markets fokusOn - a software platform for delivering TV and Video- on-Demand to viewers all over, on all devices. fokusOn joins a strong backend, a compelling frontend and engaging user experiences with personalised content discovery at the core. While offering an all-round box of tools, the Nordija solution also provides a highly customisable and flexible middleware solution that integrates various 3rd party TV and video systems together into one homogenous content delivery platform. With live- updating, your own widgets and a branded design, Nordija hands you the freedom to build it your way - and to transform it when called upon.

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