Nordija is a proud sponsor of the Oceans of Hope – Sailing Sclerosis Foundation.


Jul 3, 2019

Oceans of Hope is changing the perception of multiple sclerosis (MS) by showing what is possible when people with a chronic disease are empowered to conquer their individual challenges. This project aims to broaden the horizons of those who perceive themselves as trapped by their condition, either physically or mentally, and inspire them to realise that they still have potential to achieve great things.

Mikkel Anthonisen, founder of Sailing Sclerosis Foundation and Oceans of Hope and the man behind this initiative would like toshow everyone with this project that we live our lives to the fullest and that dreams can come true, in spite of having a serious disease.

''Oceans of Hope is about creating possibilities for each other – we are all vulnerable, MS or not, and we all need to be part of strong and caring communities. Under these circumstances people rise to the occasion and contribute to common good. These are values I know we share with Nordija and we are grateful to have them as one of our loyal sponsors'' adds Mikkel.

 The beginning of the first voyage around the world started in Copenhagen in June 2014 and lasted for a year and half. The special thing for the ship´s crew was a combination of professional sailors, people with MS from 16 different countries and a doctor with MS experience.

Thomas Christensen, CEO of Nordija, has been a part of this long journey as well. ‘‘Taking on sailing becomes part of one’s identity. On Oceans of Hope I met people who took on the challenge of sailing a vessel around the globe and no matter our background, we now share that identity. The achievement made us stronger.”

Oceans of Hope is today an organisation in rapid development with many new initiatives, This year´s summertrip goes to Scotland and underway a research project will be conducted to put light on why and how being part of the Oceans of Hope community has such a life changing impact on the participants. Future adventures include a voyage to the Arctic Sea – also with a crew of people with MS.

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