Ting is just a step away from the launch of Ting TV


Feb 23, 2019

After serving up competitive, fiber-fed broadband services in a batch of US markets, Ting is nearing the introduction of its next act: pay-TV. The Ting TV service is currently in a "closed beta" and on track for a commercial launch in the first half of 2019, according to a company official.

Rather than working with DirecTV Now, fuboTV, Sling TV or one of several other OTT-TV providers that have come on the scene in recent years, Ting has instead decided to develop its own IPTV service. Ting has yet to announce all of its technology and vendor partners for the coming TV service, but has confirmed a couple -- France-based Anevia for transcoding and Denmark's Nordija for middleware.

Ting TV subs will also be able to access the service in-home via an app for retail streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV players and sticks and Apple TV boxes, along with an option to rent a device from Ting. A blog about plans for Ting TV posted last year suggests that it will also feature a cloud DVR and allow customers to access content on mobile devices.

A quote from Nordija CEO Thomas Christensen: “Being founded upon visions of openness in their internet services, we see Ting as a great match for us at Nordija. We believe the same should go for the software behind it, and we are thrilled to provide Ting with a flexible and complete solution from back-end to front-end with a rich list of features for TV and on demand viewing.”

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