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Mar 2, 2020

Manage the user experience on your Android TV devices with a custom launcher, and bridge the traditional TV experience with apps and games from the OTT world with Nordija’s Operator Tier solution.

The Android TV Operator Tier program is a certified program by Google that enables Pay-TV Operators to manage the look and feel of their Android TV devices, including the home screen experience. By replacing the Android TV Launcher with your own branded custom launcher, you gain more flexibility over placement and content, as well as a smoother UX integration with your live TV and other video services.

Nordija as an early adopter of Google certification program, partnered with Google in 2017 in building this new TV experience, bridging traditional TV and the apps of the OTT world. Today the fokusOn shell app for Android TV is extended to be the home screen, replacing all functionalities of the traditional home screen provided by Google.

Unified UX across screens

Gaining access to managing the UI/UX experience allows the operator to design to match all their offerings across screens. This provides a more holistic and unified user experience all around. The way Nordija has achieved this is by adding the Android TV Operator Tier devices to its own fokusOn UI editor. From here the operator can mix sources of TV, VOD with Apps and Games from the Google Play Store and let the viewer’s favorite Apps channels go hand in hand with their favorite channels and TV shows.

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