Mar 9, 2020

Nordija: Flexible, hybrid and multi-tenancy solutions

Nordija is a Scandinavian software middleware provider, with more than 20 years of industry experience, offering solutions for operators, telcos and ISPs to achieve growth and content delivery with intuitive user experience and a clean interface.

The company was for the second year exhibiting at Andina Link in Cartagena, where it exhibited its multi-platform technology, targeting cable operators of all sizes. Nordija has a strong position in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States, serving more than 3 million end-user devices.

Latin America 

Nordija has been exploring and opening the regional market for some time now with the help of integrators such as VGL from Chile. In 2019, he had his first participation in Andina Link, beginning its entry into Latin America.

‘‘Andina Link is a tradeshow focused on the sector of our interest, with high participation of operators from all over the region making it one of the most important fairs to attend and meet with our potential clients and local partners such as Broadpeak, Verimatrix, EKT, Edgeware and Amino, and others. Without a doubt, it is a meeting point due to its easily accessible location and centralized meeting point, ’explained Lorena Zapata, Director of Sales for Latin America.

Since May 2019, Zapata has been opening the market in the region. ‘‘The plan is to continue expanding Nordija in the sector, conquering Tier 1 and medium-sized cable operators with our product fokusOn. Our great interest is to make a Multi-Tenancy in the region to include all those small operators involved in a single HUB, with affordable prices and help expand their business model with modern platforms ready to compete in the current market.’’

Flexibility and Multi-tenancy

''We offer flexibility, something that all Latin American clients need, and two other advantages, multi-tenancy and hybridity,’’ said Lorena.

Multi-Tenancy means having multiple operators on a single system. ''In the region, there are thousands of small operators across the continent who do not have the capacity or the budget to buy their own software, so we can group them in one center and can benefit from the investment of others. With our Multi-Tenancy solution, they will be able to have each operator connected to the center, where they can have their own billing system, their own platform design, their own advertising and much more flexibility that they can take advantage of.’’

‘‘Furthermore, we propose a hybrid solution with which we can help operators in their existing ecosystem in the pure experience of Android TV and reducing their costs. With these two solutions within our platform, we can help the region not only in terms of budget and technology but also provide flexibility so that we adapt to our clients and not that the client adapts to us.’’



Multi-platform solution

‘‘Nordija is an open-minded company. We help our customers to grow, regardless of the current state of the operator, our end customer has the option to choose and adapt their solution according to budget and requirements, this is achieved due to our close relationship with more than 40 partners in the industry of In a transparent way, what makes it easier for our solution to work on various platforms through OTT or IPTV, without blocking or restricting the software to our customers, providing solutions and alternatives in an agile way, ’’ she said.

‘‘By listening to each individual customer and understanding their root problem, we are constantly updating our platform to be compatible with most DRM, CDM, metadata, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, and most decoders.’’

In September, the Nordija team will exhibit at IBC in Amsterdam. In addition to that, he will attend NexTV Series events in Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Mexico City, Berlin, and Miami. Book a meeting with the Nordija team at upcoming trade shows:

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