Meet Henrik Emborg

Nordija´s Senior Project manager from Denmark

About Henrik

Henrik has lived all his life in Denmark. He holds a master’s degree in finance and Accounting (Cand. Merc. Fir) from Copenhagen Business School. Henrik lives in Espergærde north of Copenhagen with his wife and two children. He has a son at 14 years who likes online gaming and daughter at 12 who likes to sing, dance, paint, and other creative stuff. When they are together, they love to play board games, watch movies, or hang out with the rest of his family that lives nearby.

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Why and when did you join Nordija?

I worked for many years in Denmark’s biggest Telco company with finance, project management, business development, and customer experience. I wanted to try out a smaller company where I could be closer to product development and the customers. So, in 2018 I changed my job and joined Nordija.


Role at Nordija

My role is to implement solutions for our biggest customers. I drive the projects from A-Z. However, the role is much broader than a usual project manager since I am also involved in the sales process and product development and functions as an account manager for our customers. Besides, I also have a big part in optimizing our processes around planning and production and way of work. I guess having many roles is a small company in a nutshell – just the way I like it.

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If there is an area with a lack of responsibility – take it. You might learn something new.

What do you enjoy the most about Nordija´s culture?

In Nordija, you are one big family. Besides working together in all combinations, it also means people are interested in each other beyond the job and do a lot of fun stuff after work. It is a company that puts a significant effort into getting happy employees. I like that.

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What do you like to do when you aren’t working? And what are your interests and passions outside of work?

I love to travel with my family to discover new places. Recently, we were on a small Island outside Sumatra, staying together with my family from all over the world, learning how to surf, scuba dive, and swim with dolphins.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

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