Telenor Sweden launches new TV- and media platform by Nordija  

Nordija, Scandinavia based global technology middleware provider, completes the first delivery of the next generation of TV- and Media platform for Telenor Sweden.

The Primary delivery of the TV- and Media platform for Telenor Sweden consists of Web TV, a platform for Android- and iOS phones and tablets and Apple TV with new and exciting functionalities such as Unified Search, Single Sign-On and Deep Linking. 

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Telenor is one of Sweden's largest distributors of TV content and we want to offer our customers the best possible experience on a next-generation platform that enables the user to easily choose what they want to see. We are very excited about finalising this delivery together with Nordija, and I think our customers will appreciate our new platform.

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In 2019, Telenor Sweden embarked on a mission to build a TV platform that would renew the engagement with its viewers and revolutionize the way people engage with their TV. I was thrilled to be selected for this endeavor but even more excited about the result of a very rewarding collaboration with the Telenor team.

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