Meet Dorinel Panaite

Nordija´s Romanian Fullstack Student Developer

About Dorinel

Dorinel is originally from an eastern town in Romania, Galați. He studied Computer Science and obtained his Bachelor’s degree at UBB Cluj-Napoca. During this time, he had the chance to experiment with various programming languages and frameworks, work on multiple side projects, and take part in hackathons, where he managed to secure great prizes. With this background as a spark, he developed a strong interest in web and mobile technologies.

Dorinel moved in 2019 to Denmark to start the studies toward obtaining the Master’s degree in Computer Science at KU and currently lives in Copenhagen.

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What brings you to Denmark?

I’ve always dreamed of experiencing other cultures on a longer-term than a holiday trip. It’s funny that Copenhagen was the last option when applying for the Masters, but I ended up accepting KU’s (Copenhagen University) offer and have never regretted this decision since.

Why and when did you join Nordija?

I joined Nordija in September 2019, just two weeks after moving to Copenhagen. I had no experience with video streaming, but the opportunity seemed a very good addition to my studies and was perfectly matching my coding interests.

Role at Nordija

I usually find myself in between both the frontend and backend features, and it’s very difficult to decide which is the most fun. What’s most certain is the fact that I enjoy solving challenging tasks and bringing a better overall experience for the end-user.

What do you enjoy the most about Nordija´s culture?

Still being a student, I think it is the perfect environment to be able to learn from the people behind an industry-leading product. It’s probably been said every time, but it is amazing how, even when far from home, you feel like you’re in a big family, not among co-workers.


What do you like to do when you aren’t working? And what are your interests and passions outside of work?

My top hobby is photography; you can probably find me throughout the city with the camera by my side any day. Since being in Copenhagen, I discovered that I also love biking around to discover its marvelous areas. And I’m pretty sure photography goes hand in hand with my other hobby, which is traveling. It is amazing to visit new places where you can get all-new perspectives of buildings, streets, and people.

When not being outside, I’ll probably sit in front of the computer, trying out some new technologies or gaming, but for sure doing this while listening to some music.


Looking forward to connecting with you.

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