Meet Emanuel Eiderbrant

Front-end Developer at Nordija (now 24i)

About Emanuel

I am from Sweden and live in Malmö in the most Southern part of Sweden. It is about an hour’s commute by car, over the bridge, to the Nordija office in Kongens Lyngby. After high school, I got a Master's degree in Information Technology. Afterward, I got a job as a developer at a Swedish company in the field of IPTV. This gave me the opportunity to work as a consultant at several of the biggest IPTV companies in Sweden. I started at Nordija 8 years ago, when we moved to Malmö, and I am now one of the developers that have been at Nordija the longest. I have spent my whole career, 16 years, working with IPTV.    

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How did you join Nordija?

I joined Nordija when we moved to Malmö to live closer to our families. The Swedish company I worked for was a supplier to Nordija, and I got to spend a few months as a consultant so we could try out if we were a good fit. As it turned out, it was a good fit, and after 6 months of parental leave, I signed on as a full-time employee at Nordija. I have now been here for over 8 years.  

What is your role at Nordija?

My area of expertise is integrating web players and Linux devices with the fokusOn system. I have also been a part of the development of the Discover functionality that is now being used more and more by our customers. I see myself as a problem solver, and I enjoy digging into big and small issues that I can see will improve our product. 

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The biggest accomplishment in the career

One of the greatest accomplishments during the 8 years I have been at Nordija is that we have about ten different devices running fokusOn that I have been a part of developing. I am especially proud of the ones where the customer didn’t expect our software to run on their current boxes, but we proved them wrong.

What do you enjoy the most about Nordija's culture?

I enjoy the openness of the Nordija family. Nordija is a very low-hierarchy organization, and you can talk to anyone when you need to. For me, the flexibility of working arrangements has been very important as well. I also like that we are allowed to take our own initiatives and that we are free to keep in contact with the customers during development. I also want to mention that we have great events regularly where you get to know your coworkers more.   


What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

My family is very important to me. I am married, and we have three children together. I love spending time with them at home, at our summer house, on trips, or just out in the forest. I enjoy listening to music both when I work and at home. I also play guitar, bass, and a bit of piano. Sports is also something I enjoy a lot. I play football once a week. I try to disc golf as much as possible during the summer months, and if I by chance happen to come across a beach volleyball court, don’t try to stop me.

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