Meet Jeppe Schäfer

Presales Systems Engineer at Nordija

About Jeppe

Jeppe is from a small town on the southern border of Denmark, just 4 km from the German border as the crow flies.

Originally he wanted to become a press photographer but ended up in the IT industry by accident… literally! A broken leg left him bedridden for 6 months, and with nothing to do but tinker with his PC, the interest in computers quickly grew. Once he was back on his feet, again literally, he landed a job as a system administrator for a local electronics manufacturing company.

This became the start of a career in IT and technology - in fact, the only job he has ever held outside IT was as a store clerk at the local bike shop.

Jeppe has been with Nordija for 6 years.

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How did you join Nordija?

In my previous job with a Danish operator, we used the Nordija fokusOn platform, and I worked extensively with it for years. Over those years, a few guys from the Nordija team became close personal friends.

After almost 10 years working with video delivery for an operator, I felt it was time for a change.

So in a ski lift in Norway, I asked my friend Bille, who is the COO of Nordija, where he thought I should go next? He immediately replied: “You need to come work for us!” And that was that.

So now I am on the other side of the table, helping operators all over the world realizing their visions of bringing the next generation TV experience to their customers.

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What is your role at Nordija?

As a presales engineer, I am responsible for conveying the technical aspects and philosophy behind our solution to current and potential customers.

With just shy of 10 years experience as an operator, building networks, and running TV platforms, I see the world from the same perspective as our customers, which helps me understand their way of thinking and how we can fit into their architecture and goals.

I am also responsible for the technical aspects of all tradeshows we exhibit at and can be found at our booth for every single show.

To keep current on the technical developments in our platform, I am also part of our professional services team, which means I often travel to customers to facilitate POCs, support in major roll-outs, or attend status meetings.

And lastly, I head quite a bit of our customer and partner training.


What would you consider as the biggest accomplishment in your career?

One particular moment that sticks out in my memory was the moment we transmitted the first data packets over our brand new 10 Gbit/s fiber-optical backbone in my old job way back in 2007. Years of planning, digging trenches, blowing fiber, and configuring Cisco routers the size of fridges had proceeded that moment… so the sense of excitement and joy was enormous.

In more recent memory, I am most proud of the amazingly cool solutions we have developed, installed, and rolled out together with customers like Swisscom, Telenor Sweden, and Vodafone Iceland.

Launching a full-featured TV platform from nothing requires the seamless cooperation of a large team of highly skilled people from many different companies, all working as one.

The sense of pride in being part of a platform like that going live is immense. The “3-2-1… and we are up!” moment is one of my favorite things working at Nordija.

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What do you like to do when you aren’t working? And what are your interests and passions outside of work?

With most of my work life spent indoors, either in front of screens or perched in meeting rooms, I use nature as a counter-balance. Living in rural Denmark helps in that regard… from my house, it’s only 400m to the beach and 1 km to a big forest.

Twice a year, I go mountain biking and camping with friends in the German Harz mountains. I used to own a sailboat but sold it as it got too small to accommodate my growing kids. These days I jump on every opportunity to go sailing with our CEO Thomas, and I am planning to become a boat owner again soon. And of course, like most Nordijans, I love to Ski!

But in general, I just love spending my free time around the people that matter to me; My kids, my girlfriend, my family, my close friends, and my colleagues at Nordija.

What we do when together is really not that important!


Looking forward to connecting with you.

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