Meet Thomas Bonnesen

Release Manager at Nordija

About Thomas

Thomas has been with Nordija for 14 years. He is from Denmark and holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Copenhagen Business School. Thomas has more than 20 years of work experience within the IPTV domain.

Besides work, the company of family and good friends are high priorities. Thomas has a 23-year-old son. He enjoys all kinds of sports as well as jazz and dark rum.

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How did you join Nordija?

My first contact with Nordija goes as far back as 2001 when I worked on an ITV project in another company. Nordija was primarily a consultancy business at that time, hired to develop the software for the project.

The idea of connecting TV and Internet technology in one device was new and promising at the time, but due to different obstacles like modems and bandwidth issues, not mature for the consumer market, and the ITV project was shut down after a few years.

Later I happened to meet Bille Madsen, current COO at Nordija, (one of the consultants on the ITV project back then) at Heathrow Airport, where he invited me to coffee and a chat. In January 2007, I joined Nordija, and we became colleagues.

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What is your role at Nordija?

As a Release Manager, I’m the gatekeeper of the fokusOn software when it transitions from development to operational state. The software is processed by several DevOps tools and through different environments before reaching the end-users.
Continuous integration, QA, repository management, and deployment planning are essential to healthy production environments. On-premise as well as in the cloud.

I am responsible for several of the DevOps tools in Nordija.

Enlightening and helping our customers on installing, configuring, and using fokusOn is also part of my job, on a day-to-day basis, as well as in occasional onsite workshops.

The biggest accomplishment in the career

I consider influencing and staying aligned with the development of Nordija as a business as my most significant achievement. As an agile company in a fast-moving market, you have to be alert to stay relevant. Nordija has accomplished that and still does.

My contributions stretch from chipping in on strategy and operations in Nordija, building and maintaining DevOps services, customer relations on a technical level. Teaching. Troubleshooting. And then some :-)


What do you enjoy the most about Nordija s culture?

The “human-first” approach in Nordija has always been very important to me. A good perception of each other's personality and capacities are key to good teamwork.

  • Speak your mind and always listen to the better idea no matter who comes up with it
  • Keep the working environment positive, creative, and safe
  • Care for each other

I believe that striving for those values has been an important factor in Nordija’s success and very nice values for me to lean on. Social events have an important role in Nordija, and I think the general party (as well as skiing, wakeboarding, gaming, and one-wheeler) skills are pretty good, and the events are always a pleasure to be a part of.


What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

Shooting hoops with my son in Fælledparken, Copenhagen, is one of my favorite activities. It is an open park and a place with a good vibe.

Other preferred sports include football (soccer), tennis, open water swimming, and yoga.

Enjoying art, music, and food in different shapes and forms is another source of inspiration and joy to me. Like finding an old “hidden” jazz club in Lisbon with my girlfriend, with a band playing the most insane experimental jazz I’ve ever heard. A mind-blowing experience.

Being with friends and family is also an indispensable way for me to enjoy life and recharge the batteries.


Looking forward to connecting with you.

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