It's called fokusOn.

fokusOn is a platform that helps operators and content owners deliver and manage the TV and Video on-demand experience on a wide range of devices. The combination of a powerful backend and an ultra flexible HTML 5 frontend makes fokusOn the perfect choice for your operation.

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Across devices.
Great UI across Legacy and New devices.

With the ever growing amount of content and available consumer devices, there has never been a greater need for a compelling and consistent user experience across devices. Our device clients (Apps) are available for practically every device on the market and will ensure you deliver a uniform experience.

Let your viewers discover content

Most people will agree that the way we watch content is in a disruptive evolution. The amount of content available in both live and on demand is unprecedented. But at Nordija we don’t believe that customers are necessarily waiting for more content to choose from. Instead we believe it is the relevance and discoverability of content that will make the difference.


New feature. Unified Search. 

Help your viewers find desired content faster by searching across TV, VOD, and OTT.

Platform Management. Be in control

Our ITVadmin© backend consists of a range of pre-integrated modules that help you stay in control of your customer-base and their packages, but also gives you the ability to control the various content-flows within your operation.



Customer Management

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User Statistics

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Record Manager

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DRM/CA Controller

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3rd party integrations

Building your TV solution can be a challenging endeavor, and you want to make sure that you pick the best fitting components in every part of your solution. The Nordija fokusOn platform is based on an 'Open Platform Philosophy' and a wide range of A+ vendors from the industry pre-integrated on CDN, CA, DRM and STB’s. This not only gives you freedom of choice but also the right bargaining power towards you vendor.

Looking for more freedom in your IPTV & OTT platform?

Openness is a founding philosophy behind our software achievements. With proven technologies, a long list of successful customers and partners, and dedicated teams, we can help you gain more freedom and control over your TV and Streaming platform - while helping your viewers find relevant content faster.

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