A unified cloud TV super bundle by Nordija, Verimatrix and EKT.

Stratos is a brand new collaboration, offering a complete and pre-integrated IPTV/OTT video delivery solution, enabling quick launch of a fully-featured cloud video solution at an amazing value.

Together, we are the future of streaming

Nordija has been acquired by
end-to-end video streaming specialist 24i

24i | Nordija

A powerful collaboration bringing you the best of breed.

Stratos offers an access anywhere management console loaded with amazing features and premium apps by Nordija. Verimatrix content security is ready out-of-the-box for all devices and you can choose innovative pre-integrated set-top boxes by EKT in the same OPEX model.



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Nordija provides an advanced video platform for the Stratos super bundle

Nordija contributes with UX apps and backend tools for Stratos. With this advanced solution you get a fully-featured solution including IPTV/OTT, catchup, restart, pause live and cloud recordings. The platform is integrated with a content recommendation engine and a high performance video player.



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Apps for all major devices

With advanced HTML-5 apps you only need to develop once and deploy everywhere. This ensures consistent look and feel and flexibility to add or remove features as required.

Backend tools for operators

The unified console supports content management, UX management and offer management from the cloud, so you can access your system anywhere. 

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