An all-in-one TV and Streaming platform

In 2019 Telenor Sweden picked Nordija as a software provider for their next-generation platform for TV and Streaming. They are now ready to launch the primary delivery consisting of Web TV, Android- and iOS phones and tablets and Apple TV with new features such as Unified Search, Single Sign-on and, Deep Linking.

The freedom to define a tailored solution and the controls to design it the Telenor way

The solution is a tailored platform that allows Telenor Sweden to build and design their own UIs their way on top of Nordija’s fokusOn platform, to launch their new solution in steps and to tweak and shape their solution as they progress. 

Streaming-inspired TV: Watch your favourite shows on-demand

With user-features such as replaying aired TV shows, recording your favourite programs or sports events and interfaces inspired by the streaming services, Telenor Sweden's solution provides more on-demand experiences when watching TV. 

All your favorite apps right next to your favorite channels and TV shows

With a cross-content platform, the user can seamlessly navigate from watching TV to streaming series and movies on their available streaming apps. 

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Telenor is one of Sweden's largest distributors of TV content, and we want to offer our customers the best possible experience on a next-generation platform that enables the user to easily choose what they want to see. We are very excited about finalizing this delivery with Nordija, and I think our customers will appreciate our new platform.

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