Unified Search. Search across TV, VOD, and OTT.

Help your users find desired content swift with a unified and cross-content search engine.

Search TV Shows, Channels, Movies and Series from one place

With a growing amount of content available across TV and VOD, gearing up your platform with an intelligent search engine can be of essential value - making your viewers experience the full potential of your product.

Our Unified Search lets your users search across sources such as Live TV, Replay, Start Over, and VOD in the same search field. This provides a more intuitive and efficient user journey when searching for desired content.

Search for your favorite actors or directors

Metadata about the content such as actor, director, title, channel name, or series name can also be indexed and searched for in both EPG metadata and VOD metadata.

Operator Keywords

The operator can add keywords to items in order to group them in the search data. Keywords will not be searchable from the frontend but only serve as a way to link content by themes e.g. Springtime, Mother's Day, or Christmas.


A filter feature allows the user to narrow down the search. You can filter in sources including All, TV Programs, Video on Demand, and in availability for all content, content included in subscription or content not included in the current subscription.

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